About Freecell, CoolPick, and Zinos
Freecell.net, WinnableSolitaire.com, CoolPick.com, Jezzball.net, clubANYWHERE.com, and BolaLoca.com are all run more or less as a labor of love by me, Dennis Cronin, with a little of that proverbial help from my friends.

Freecell.com serves as a hub for folks who like to play that most popular of solitaire games, Freecell. Jezzball.net (or BolaLoca in Spanish) is another engaging little coffee break game. clubANYWHERE.com is a place where you can share your travel pictures. while CoolPick features one exciting and unique new site per day plus a few other fun and/or cheesy features that you can add to your own web site.

And then there's my vanity page, denniscronin.net.

Me playing guitar—click for more band pics

In case you happen to be People From The Past trying to find me, yes, I went to Springfield High School, and later U of I circa 1975 where I was a rather unlikely frat rat at Sigma Nu. I worked at Central Data Corp for many years, briefly at Spyglass, and then made the hop out to where I am now, in Seattle (Bellevue to be exact) working for the Evil Empire. I love hearing from old friends and acquaintances so look for that email address at the bottom of this page.

And gosh, you might also enjoy a couple of my other pages/sites:

Freecell.net - online competition Freecell solitaire game with huge lists of scores, stats, etc.
MinuteBoard.com free discussion forum software
MatchstickRockets.com - my first web page ever
Hifi Preamp Project - little super simple project for you mid-zone hifi tweaks out there
Valve Junior amp mod project - modifying a pair of Epiphone Valve Junior guitar amps for great tone
Stiletto - my mid-life crisis heavy metal band
CarolynCronin.com - memorial site for my mom
Ancient Denny tunes, Ginger, Dawna, Rose - a few of my tunes.

Your can reach me at dennis.croningmail.com.

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