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If you run a web site of any kind, you know how hard it is to keep that site looking fresh. And if you're going to get hits, you've got to keep it up to date. This, needless to say, takes time— which you don't have.

Suppose you could go to your web site each day and see brand new stuff there without lifting a finger? Free? Of course.

This free content is simple to integrate into your site and can add a little visual spice to your page(s). Take Thought for the Day (shown to the right) for example-- add one little line of HTML to your page and you'll have a fresh poignant thought on your site each day.

With the introduction of "subscribable" content, you'll be able to know your site has fresh stuff with today's date, every day, with no additional work from you, the overworked webmaster.

Take a look at our initial offerings on the left. Use what you want-- it's of course free. And stop back soon. Lots more to come...

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